THAT LITTLE CHILD OF GOD #Experience #Writers

A whole lot of hours left for the day. Work loaded with stress is on its way. The meeting has just ended. I’m burdened with a headache and a growling stomach. Brought up with over-protective walls on all sides, I’ve sought to seek first for myself. There’s so much work to do, so many things to do, too many thoughts to track. 

There’s one thing that opened my eyes today. A little girl, burdened by the groans of hunger, being brought up by the shackles of begging. This little child of God pleaded to me with just one word – Food. But there’s too much work to do, so many places to go. Just another beggar asking for money. Just another human, another child, asking for a little to eat.

Oh my mind! Filled with the duties of today and tomorrow – what will it take to open my eyes, my ears, my mind, to understand that there is a life right in front of me, asking for food – any kind would do!

Blessed be the friend with me. She taught me to wait a little. Ponder a little. Take my time to understand that those around me are humans. Those around me are also children, just as I am. They suffer, more than I do. They cry more than I do but there’s so much to do. No time for emotions. 

Is this what I have come to be? Have I let my busy self forget those around me? Are there others like me? Is this an evil community of society; population of which should grow into extinction at the earliest? 

Confessing my shame here! My friend stopped by the little girl and asked her what she wanted. Food! She said again. My friend has a good soul and a heart. Better and cleaner than mine. Less self-absorbed as I.

On the road to self-realization, I have come to learn that the only way to look at the world around me is to open my eyes, see and observe, at least for the sake of that little child of God.

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