Ferry Lights on a Sleepless Night #Thoughts

The ferry lights were my only entertainment on a sleepless night. When the digital hour blinked 12, I pondered upon the past, the experiences gone by, the wonderful people & the not-so-true ones. 

The night fell asleep but my eyes stared at the ferry lights, to spark another memory and send me back into the abyss of my mind. Another time, a different person, another beautiful memory or a sad one indeed. 

At the blink of 1, the projected time on my ceiling said it all. The darkest circles around my eyes may have darkened even more from the lack of sleep or maybe the teary-nights of regret.

At the blink of half-past 1, I fall helplessly into oblivion until the golden petals of time fall through my window telling me that another day has arrived, one with a fresh start and another experience that awaits.