An Insatiable Writer’s Collections #Pens #Diaries #Writing

I am on a road to self-realisation. Little do I know about my ever-changing self. I believe the reason is an overdose of multiple thought-filled and thoughtless thoughts.

Pens, diaries, a USB light for my laptop, ink cartridges, key chains – have I missed anything? All taken out from my bag of multiple compartments. It was time for the usual sorting out of what I need, don’t need and truly need. That’s what is on this table, both figuratively and literally speaking. I’ve displayed my circuited thoughts and didn’t even realise it until I looked upon this Christmas clothed table like a God, supervising the happenings in the world He has created.fotor_148328117765960

Can you notice the number of pens I have? So, I am not a pen collector. Most of these pens have been gifted to me. Three of them are from my father. Two of them, from my friends and the rest, I have bought to fill my urges of buying a pen that writes smoothly. I love pens that write smoothly. Who doesn’t? I love them more. Ask any writer who loves to write on paper.

Getting back to what I was talking about….

The ones strapped in the cases are what my father has gifted me and the ones lying loose in those cases are from my friends. You will also find another picture here, where you notice how I have segregated the ones given from my father, the ones I bought for myself and the ones from my friends. The silver pens are from my friends.

Do you notice a syringe lying on the table? That’s a pen! My first profession as a Dietitian still lies somewhere within. I bought it cheap, very cheap and am going to do away with it now because I won’t be using it anymore. I wanted to keep it because of the syringe look with its green fluid flowing so mysteriously within its veins but as I said before, I am not a pen collector.

Did I say I was a Dietitian? What’s a syringe got to do with it?fotor_148328113650265

I am not a phlebotomist but I was forced to be one, by my former employer and am quite thankful to him for it because at the time, I realised that I like drawing blood just as much as I like withdrawing money from the bank. So, you can imagine the two-in-one high I get from just looking at that pen that represents both blood-drawing and writing. Yet, I am throwing it away because I love doing another thing – deleting stuff! People usually find it weird that I love drawing blood. Is it weird? Or maybe I just have the same qualities as my former boss, this time figuratively speaking.

Coming back to my present self! This doesn’t include drawing blood anymore.

Do you also see the pen that has its butt come off? The bottle green coloured pen? As you can see in the picture, it’s one of the two pens that has its cap removed. I am a clumsy holder. I drop things many times. That pen is the result of it. No, I won’t throw it away. It was gifted to me by my father. I am going to get it repaired and hope that it does get repaired. My accidental flaws are sometimes fatal.

I won’t bore you with the details of the other pens but I will have you treasure-hunt for whatever has been kept here; yes, it’s treasure for me! Each image I have put up here has some items in it and some removed. So, one picture has a pen and the other may not. That’s pretty much how my mind works; sometimes it does, sometimes it moves on and then comes back to the same place. The pattern of the images taken here and the way they’ve been placed, all depict the way my mind works but who cares??!

The two diaries; they’ve been gifted to me as well, by friends. The ‘Personal Thoughts’ diary is a Secret Santa gift. Although it’s not much of a secret anymore, I know who gifted it to me. I got to know it on the very same day at work because none of my colleagues could wait to have their Secret Santa revealed to them.

So, why am I talking about my collections?fotor_148328111323566

If you’re a writer, you will have inadvertently collected something that pertains to you. Could be its look, design, relevance, anything. So, these are my collections and they mean something to me. Something important. You may have done the same or not. You may have realised it or not. You may keep it forever or not.

I’ve realised that I love pens and diaries. They are what have inspired me to write down my thoughts. I must pen down every word of what I go through or think and over think because that’s what a writer does. The other things around are just what I was sorting out from my bag.

This just in – I like key chains too. Can you notice Thor’s hammer and Batman’s symbol? I’ll end now, so that I can proofread while I gulp down huge chunks of beer. I don’t have a drinking problem. Glug! Glug! Glug!fotor_148328106253337