We love cheap thrills at 6 am 🌞🌞🀘 #SundayTrip #Bandra #SundayBlogShare

I’ve been proclaimed to be the patient one. I think these people (people who go fishing) are the most patient of all…

But getting back to what we did when we arrived at our destination which took us just about 20 minutes by road. We came for the sunrise but the sun had other plans, so we took selfies instead. Still trying to pull ourselves away from the tempting clutches of technology, we did our best to enjoy the fullness of nature. 😜 We really did!

The sun was in a shy mood today but we saw the sky get brighter. we had a funnnnn time. Our 6 am stunt proved to be a mind-blowing party on the road. Fellow Gangstar, I and our two sweethearts rode up to the beauty of Bandstand which started with the past names of Bandra. We quite liked Bandorah.

…. And then shell art along with noticing what else we just clicked.

What an amazing start of the day. Sea shells and Goddesses blessing us with their divinity. We noticed the statue of a Goddess. Left it back into the sea. On second thought, I should have taken it with me. Our divine souvenir of the trip.

In the far sight, that wasn’t the sun but a boat.

A short trip but so many ones to look forward too.
Total craziness!!

Love you gals 😘😘😘 let’s rock like this again.