3 Reasons why you should NEVER go to free-entry shows

This is what we call – over-excited for nothing. 😜 The show was good. No doubt! We were late!

Us crazy Gangstars eager to witness #Nucleya with our very own eyes, showed up at High Street Phoenix. The courtyard was crammed-up with fans who couldn’t afford to pay a decent price for a ticket – freebies like us! The Return of the Xander Cage didn’t excite us as much. Although we wouldn’t mind going all star-eyed for Deepika and Vin but We wanted to see Nucleya. Bonus point – RJ Malishka.

Freeentry shows are magnets but here’s why you shouldnt let yourself get pulled towards them.

Reason #1: No space to get in!

Crowded AF

We left work on time but landed up an hour late to the High Street Phoenix courtyard that was just a few minutes away. The crowd was humongous. Free entries – enough said.

We Gangstars decided to be adventurous; seep through the swelling crowd and step right in front of the stage to watch ourselves go crazy for Nucleya. So, we climbed onto the parapet and watched the show from afar.

In a few minutes, our #adventurous spirit led us to Burger King. So no – we didn’t seep through the crowd but seeped away and into burger king.

Reason #2: If you can’t get in – get out!

Glimpse of Nucleya

This we saw from afar.

Nucleya came up. We could hear the beats from the first floor of the Burger joint.

After stuffing ourselves with the guilty pleasure of chicken and mayonnaise, colas and fries; we stepped out to watch Nucleya and dance to his beats.

It was crowded as hell and the crowd didn’t back down but kept getting bigger and bigger.

Reason #3: If you’re late, click selfies & just leave!

Whatever the #experience we enjoyed it together and it will be noted down in the history of our blog – how the two of us achieved nothing by going there.

So, lesson learned: don’t go to shows that have free entries and even if you do, get there before time!!

We clicked a few pictures. We had a burger. We listened to a few minutes of Nucleya. Saw Malishka. Didn’t get to see Deepika or Vin. All-in-all; lesson well learned but we were perfectly fine coz as Nucleya puts it… F*** That Shit.

Before we leave