Six reasons why you should sleep 😪 no, we’re not talking about health.

The night falls upon us… Every night. Do we really feel it? We do when we’re exhausted. Take off your thinking hats and sleep over these 6 points that we need to know about sound sleep.

Six sleepy pointers

  1. Sleep numbs you from shitty people.💩
  2. 6 hours or more of sleep can take you away from the demands of, “When are you getting married?”🤵👰
  3. Sleep can take you away from, “How could you forget?!!” 🤔
  4. Sleep takes you into your fantasies 😉😍 “…..😈”
  5. Sleep can bring you loads of nothingness. That feeling that is felt only when you can’t feel anything anymore. You are free from feeling but which ends because you were deep in sleep.🤓
  6. Sleep can make you dream again of the life that you want. You can dream of him👨 or her👩.

Sleep is so important! It rejuvenates you.

 Sleep a while and feel nothingness. Close your eyes and forget for a while all the pain anyone may have caused you. Forget all the regrets that stubbornly keep you awake at night.

Rest because you deserve sound sleep.

Sweet dreams 😎🤘