Here are the last 3 types of fake friendship. You are going to want to know thiThe Competitive Crony

4. They’re everywhere!

The competitive crony at school – ‘You scored more than me in math? That’s not possible!’

The competitive crony in college – ‘I think you’re boyfriend likes me, I’m just saying! I mean, I do dress way better than anyone else here.’

The competitor crony at work – ‘Hey, good presentation but I think you’re too formal. Learn to relax and stop answering all the questions of the client. It makes you look like a know-it-all.’

Well, your colleagues may not be your friends at work and that depends but there are some friends-cum-colleagues who fit well into the competitive crony zone.  So, these types of friends, be it at school, college, work or anywhere else, even your next door neighbour, they’re so competitive, they’re even capable of competing with the cat next door.

Healthy competition is good but unhealthy competition is what a competitive crony does and that’s how they end up – lonely or with people less capable than they are. There’s really not much you can do with these friends but avoid as much as possible, any kind of contact with them. Their aggressively competitive streak compels them to point out your mistakes all the time. They’re tricky and can even create faults which you don’t have. They’ll make you feel bad about yourself. You will end up with a low self-esteem. So be smart here and run for the hills when you know you’ve got a competitive crony at hand.

One way to keep them in your hands is praise them and show how jealous you are of them. Milk it! They’ll be happy to help and soon you’ll become a sneaky snake! You know I wasn’t serious, right? Coz the easier option is to get away from competitive cronies.

5. The Show-Off & Sidekick

Here, you’re the sidekick. You’re being shown off by your so-called friend. They’ll be your friend because they know your awesomeness will get them more friends. Wherever they take you, it’s only to show you off so they look good to others and they get what they couldn’t get before – more friends, more fun. Your share of life is theirs now.

It’s hard to detect such people but if you don’t like their habits when they’re with you, start ignoring them, they’ll get the picture. This depends on their desperation to have you with them. If they’re too desperate, they’ll take all measures to keep you with them and even guilt you into being with them. Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Break up and move on. Friendship is not for showing off.

6. The Selfish Stringers

These are the ones that’ll string along with you only when they need something. For instance, they want to gossip about their bad days at work or how some obnoxious friend has a crush on them or how beautiful they are and why some heart-crushed lovers just have to deal with being rejected. They’ll also only come to visit when they have plans to travel to your side of the town. If they’re not coming to your side of the town, they’ll simply tell you that they’re … busy. If they’re coming to meet you, they’ll make sure you know about it because they’ll need someone to help them with carrying the shopping bags.

These selfish stringers when single will be your friend. As soon as they find themselves a boyfriend or girlfriend or even a life partner, they’ll abruptly stop contact with you. This starts by not replying to your messages. On the phone, they’ll talk for an hour or two (only about themselves) but the moment you want to talk about what’s happening in your life, they’ll hang up with an excuse of suddenly having to do some work.

Don’t be surprised if one day they turn around and complain about you not keeping in touch with them for such a long time. It is here that you need to tell them the truth, repeat after me, ‘I had more important things to do, so you were easily forgettable.’ Say it again, memorize it!

The sad truth about life is that many people give different kinds of relationships a bad name. Since we’re talking about friendship here, I would say that these six types of fake friends give friendship a bad name. You should know that you can’t let them hurt you unless you let them hurt you. So be wise when choosing your friends. Not all lead you into the right habits of life and not all lead you to fun times but we hope you recognize the right ones.

We’ve probably missed out on some of the fake friend labels. You have a different fake friend label? Tell us more about it!