The Masks We Wear 🎭🎭🎭

We all have a mask; yes even the ones who claim to be honest and outspoken. They say you get what you see but there’s a mask, there always is and there’s nothing entirely wrong about it. A mask is a coping mechanism we all use. There are some of us who just can’t be bothered with being too kind and there are some of us who are just too polite to make butter melt. For instance, listening to a ‘so-called’ friend, who can’t stop bragging about herself.  She talks about how her boyfriend got her an expensive gift on her birthday and how he sat up all night talking with her on the phone. Or how the boss praised her about her work and how her dress at the wedding looked better than the bride’s gown.  If the bragger had an honest friend, she would have been told the truth and that would be the end of it. A polite friend on the other hand would have nodded her head in silent agony, pretending to listen.

There comes a day when our politeness gets thrown out the window. We certainly have to realise that saying right out what we feel is the way to get through any situation if not out of it. By cutting through at the right time, we need not fear of the potential harm it can do to us because the harm of keeping in our pain is far worse. This holds true for all kinds of emotional tortures that we keep inside of us. Our pain, our past, our struggles, our secrets; so many masks to cover them up and why?

It’s essential to understand that we have masks for different reasons and some of them are valid to keep but some are not needed. The ones that are not needed are the masks of smiles. We smile when we want to cry and we laugh when we need help.

Say what you feel but not to run the other person down. Know how to say what you want to convey. There’s no need to hurt a person’s feelings unless it is the only way to make them understand.