The bird that never flew

In her cage of gold

She looked to the outside

A world of old

Through storm and tide


Don’t fly now they said

The storms will pull you down

Your wings must not spread

Lest you end up with a frown


To word of every bowed her head

Her friends called out to fly at ease

Nowhere to fly was what they said

Until the storms prepare to cease


The golden cage still locked

Good tidings came and went

Her fragile life lay mocked

None to see her heart’s descent


But when her time did come

She stood there to ignore

All words now sounded dumb

The world unseen she willed no more


They said sore higher now

It’s time to fly you must

But void of interest and know-how

Her wings had gathered dust


The comfort in the golden cage

Her heart could not detach

In bars of safety her old age

She found a perfect match


And everyone around her saw

What they had done was wrong

Caging her flight – a flaw

A freedom curbed too long