Clear your vision first… Then decide!

Circumstances, good or bad can cloud your judgement.

When things suddenly change or when you are at a turning point in life, a temporary lapse in judgement can up your chances of taking the wrong decision in any situation by about 90% (our own estimation).

It happens to the best of us. Our vision is clouded, blocking us to see reality for what it is.

Our suggestion, when you find yourself overwhelmed by your feelings, take a step back. Take your time to come to any decision. After a while, your cloudy vision will clear away and you will see things better.

When do you know that you can clearly see things now? When you no longer feel too overwhelmed with your feelings. When you find your thoughts troubling you a little lesser than before. That’s when it is safer to take a decision and go with it, when you are stable minded.

Now go be awesome 🤘😎