Healing Shampoo

A strict warning toward those who think for others. What you are doing by putting others before yourself is the noblest thing to do but pamper yourself too. 

We all deserve an ice cream, a good spa massage, a chicken Tikka biryani or a brain masala.

We all need love and we all need someone to make us feel good about ourselves. 

But before we try to find someone, let us first take a moment to pat ourselves on the head…. with a chair, so that we remember how much we need to apply the healing shampoo upon ourselves.

Remember to love yourself so that you have it in you to love one another. 💗Peace on!

😎✌️Here, have a mango and chill.

Feeling better? Now get back to being you coz you need to do as we say. We mean well 😎✌️🍻