3 ways to unload

Here’s what we did when wanted to throw away that load of crap that was burdening us for a lonnnngg time.

1. We laughed about it

When we realised that fretting about it didn’t change a thing, we laughed about it.

2. We toasted to it

Then we celebrated and partied and enjoyed life coz out that door and into the real world, there are challenges that will always be waiting for us.

3. We planned our way through it

After we laughed hard and partied hard, we took matters into our own hands and started to wade through the thick mud. It took time but with our constant efforts to make things well, we got there.


Do not let those layers tire-up upon you. Take them down one by one, simply by facing them together. Together with you, your self-belief, and your​ will to live life to its full capacity. Gangstar your life.