Why I should never enter the kitchen

Why is my entering into the kitchen a recipe for disaster?

One of us, this Sunday, decided to get creative in the kitchen. Vessels were ready, and some spontaneous ingredients too.

I cannot talk as ‘We’ because I did this alone and my fellow Gangstar wasn’t around to watch me make a fool of myself. She’s been there and seen that way too many times before.

So I thought, let me show off my cooking skills to myself because no one ever trusts me to do it alone. Today, I see why.

I decided to make Pasta with hummus. This should be easy, right? Watch me make this difficult.

I think it’s called penne pasta, right?

Boil the pasta and on the side, cook up whatever ingredients come to mind and don’t forget the most awaited favorite ingredient which I barely have – hummus.

The pasta begins to boil
Gathering my ingredients – sea salt & red chilli flakes
Pounding some salted peanuts
Added half an onion sliced and added in the pan to caramelize

So while my ingredients were frying, I covered the pan with a lid so that the ingredients would fry well. Here is where I went wrong, I forgot to lower the flame’s intensity.

And I turn away to mash a clove of garlic. The kitchen starts to smell of burnt peanuts, onion and what not.

Dad came out running because of this.. he thought the house was on fire

This was the end result but I didn’t add the hummus. I was supposed to thin the hummus in the drained pasta water but I didn’t drain the pasta water because there was none left to drain.

So, I added the hummus without thinking it and stirred it up in the dish. Why thin it when it can make burnt pasta ingredients look better?

Also, I forgot to click the burn ingredients. I just mistakenly add it to the well boiled pasta. The so-called ‘writing’ boiled pasta ‘link’ still stands to be tested for its authenticity.

Doesn’t this look good with hummus?

Now, all I need to do is be brave and eat it myself because let’s face it, no one is going to take the risk. I call this dish ‘My Hummus Disaster’